Successful SiteLog take-off in Denmark

Karlslunde, 26 July 2022. SiteLog GmbH, a company that specialises in construction site logistics and infrastructure and belongs to the German Zech Group, established a subsidiary in Denmark on 1 January 2022: SiteLog Denmark A/S, with Country Manager Bjarne Piilgaard at the helm. SiteLog Denmark A/S is already involved in two major projects:

Together with Bechler Kommunikationstechnik GmbH, SiteLog has been charged with installing the access control for the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel project, currently the largest infrastructure project in northern Europe, by Femern Link Contractors (FLC), and will also be providing the respective services associated with this. The access control system is currently being tested and is scheduled to go into operation in the summer.

SiteLog Denmark's other major project is the Mary Elisabeth Hospital (formerly Børneriget), which is being constructed in the centre of Copenhagen and is an extension of the Rigshospitalet.  Due to the constraints of the site, SiteLog is planning the deliveries according to the "just-in-time" principle, which ensures that all materials arrive on site precisely when they are needed, with the aid of the software "Slot Manager", a SiteLog in-house development for this purpose.

"We see major potential in the further development of construction site logistics on the Danish market. We are therefore delighted that our customers in Denmark are already showing interest in our specialised and comprehensive services in the field of construction logistics and construction site infrastructure", says Bjarne Piilgaard, SiteLog Denmark A/S Country Manager.