SiteLog provides construction logistics for Dom-Hotel in Cologne

Essen, 18 June 2018. The plans for the new hotel close to Cologne Cathedral have been finalised, and SiteLog GmbH has been charged with the respective construction logistics. The logistics planning for the construction work that has been carried out so far, which was also provided by SiteLog, will serve as the basis for the realisation of the restoration of the existing building. The construction work for the Dom-Hotel close to the cathedral has begun. SiteLog is taking on a challenging and at the same time prestigious project directly in the centre of Cologne.

The developers decided to pull down and rebuild the majority of the historic building due to its sorry state, which is fraught with major difficulties as the façade and the historic stairwell are listed, and it is also located directly on the Cologne Cathedral "Domplatte", the expansive concrete-covered space that surrounds the cathedral. The services SiteLog provides for this construction project include ensuring safe transport routes and keeping the disruption to the local traffic to a minimum, creating storage areas for building materials and carefully scheduling the delivery times to avoid traffic jams forming around the construction site.

It is very important to everyone involved that the area around one of the city's most important squares undergoes an upgrade. That is also why, after an in-depth assessment, it was decided to rebuild the inside of the building completely, rather than to attempt an interior restoration, in order to avoid a permanent construction site opposite Cologne's most famous landmark. However, completely restoring the building, which was heavily damaged in March 1945 and was hastily rebuilt after the war with the limited resources available at the time between 1947 and 1952, would turn it into precisely such a permanent construction site.

The local customs will also be considered during the construction of the new building. The façade protection will be designed in such a way that the famous Cologne carnival procession can still follow its usual route across Roncalliplatz square. Furthermore, careful planning of the delivery routes will prevent potential traffic jams, and major road closures are unlikely. The construction work will therefore not affect the normal day-to-day traffic in the city centre.