SiteLog Infra has acquired Equipment and Technology Services from Implenia in Austria

Essen/Vienna, 11 June 2021. SiteLog, a Zech Group company that specialises in construction site logistics and infrastructure, signed the contracts for the acquisition of Equipment and Technology Services (ETS) from Implenia in Austria yesterday. ETS was acquired by SiteLog's Austrian subsidiary SiteLog Infra GmbH, which is based in Bruck an der Leitha and will be taking over the responsibility for ETS with immediate effect. All of its fourteen staff were retained; the takeover also included all plant and equipment.

The transaction was made possible within the scope of Implenia's asset-light strategy and its focus on integrated construction industry and property services in Switzerland and Germany, as well as tunnel construction and related infrastructure projects in other markets.

"This was a win-win transaction for everyone involved: Implenia realised another step towards its strategy implementation, and we are now able to further expand the range of services we can offer our customers in the growth market Austria. We are looking forward to welcoming our new colleagues, whom we already know through our previous collaboration. Under the SiteLog Infra umbrella, we can now jointly offer our customers first-rate construction site logistics and infrastructure services," explain the two SiteLog Infra GmbH CEOs Hans-Jürgen Bognar and Gernot Kunz.

"With the takeover, we are strengthening our market-leading position in Austria and at the same time augmenting the value creation of our business model. Our customers have shown a high level of interest in our specialised and comprehensive services in the field of construction logistics as well as construction site infrastructure. This is a welcome trend for us that is currently also apparent in Switzerland and Denmark, where we are in the process of establishing our own subsidiaries," Dirk Heisterkamp and Christian Otto, the managing partners of parent company SiteLog GmbH, based in Essen, Germany, say about these latest developments.